Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Such a whirlwind

Hey everyone- if there's anyone still left out there in my blogging world.  I have truly missed blogging. I know I have said that before but yet weeks go by in between my posts.  Lets see, where to begin?  SO do you remember when I mentioned that a really dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer? Truth be told, it was my husband Todd.  I needed to get it out because I was swirling with emotions but its a very personal thing and he had asked me to not tell anyone.  He elected to have his prostrate removed after speaking to 2 different surgeons and that was their suggestion. Last Monday ( June 5), he had his surgery and they kept him overnight and was released a week ago today.  He's been healing OK - he's black and blue from all the incisions and we're looking forward for tomorrow because he gets his catheter removed.  Last week leading up to the surgery, I asked Todd to tell our pastor so that he could be praying for us and then I was proud of him because he actually posted to our friends and family on facebook.  Here is the post:

So I'm going to share a PSA on getting a PSA test. If you're a guy or care about one - Get a PSA test. It's an easy blood test that can be performed with your regular annual physical as an early detection for Prostate Cancer. Years ago they recommended men start checking at 50. In recent years men have been diagnosed earlier and avoided prostate cancer (a typically slow growing cancer) from spreading through early detection. In November of 2008 I had a higher than normal... PSA. I had a biopsy in early 2009 and no cancer was detected. The PSA number remained the same until last November when it had spiked 3 full points. In March of this year I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Early detection is helpful in that it has offered me a few treatment options. Based on my cancer rating I have elected to have it removed surgically. Homey don't play! I will have that done tomorrow. I have faith in God and my surgeon and expect to have a successful complete removal. I expect that it has not spread. So do two things for me please. 1) don't be scared to get your Test. If you're a guy you will eventually develop Prostate Cancer - maybe not until you're 88 years old but it's one of those parts that wears out and goes bad. (If you get it out before it spreads you have virtually a 100% cure). 2). Join me in prayer tomorrow as we affirm God as the ultimate physician. I'll be home Tuesday night counting down the 21 day wait time before I can ride my bike again. Lol. Thank you.

He's had a handful of men call him to talk about it and it got them thinking to get checked.  We're glad to get people aware to get checked because he had zero symptoms of prostrate cancer.
As for me, I am working from home so I can take care of him. He basically only has one hand because he has the catheter bag to deal with. The small one that can strap on the leg has not worked for him every time he's tried.  He cant lift anything over 10 pounds and he needs to take it easy.  I've cooked more than I have in ages. 
We  left the house last night which was the first time he's stepped out since I brought him home from hospital last week. We had to run some errands and we grabbed a bite to eat.
Needless to say, the last few months were kinda hard. Dealing with the fact that my husband had cancer puts things into perspective every day.  The weekend before the surgery though we went to see U2 in concert.  It was AMAZING and we had such a great time! We went with some good friends and it felt great to laugh and sing and dance and forget about cancer for a few hours.  I'll post pics from the concert later.  Oh did you know that the Blogger phone app was discontinued? Seriously, that alone is one of the main reasons I haven't blogged in a while.  I blogged from my phone mostly and I must have been the only one that did  ( LOL) because it was discontinued due to lack of usage.
In meantime, I found another App called Blogo.  It takes some getting used to but its helpful. You can post or go back to a saved post and add photos, etc.  That's why I liked using my phone to blog because all my photos are from my phone and I don't want to upload them to my computer every time to post a pic.
Anyway- I have missed yall and been thinking of so many of you but life has just been crazy!!!
Talk to ya soon!! xoxo